Baroque and Roll

Bradmore Square, London W6 9BW




Complete 2019




Tasked with activating and animating the public realm in Bradmore Square to create a new visual identity for the site to benefit the businesses facing into the square, our design draws in fresh footfall to discover a new inclusive destination space in the heart of Hammersmith. 

A sheltered site, it was a nondescript gateway route for pedestrians arriving and leaving Hammersmith Tube Station at the Broadway into the surrounding area. The creation of an inviting, open space to dwell in, transforms this use and created desirable business unit locations.

Our design takes its inspiration from the Baroque façade of Bradmore House which faces into the site and its helical staircases which inform the squares existing layout. Our aim is to unify the square, bringing the focus from the multi-storey 1980’s Broadway building, down to a more human scale, whilst framing the entrances of the outward-facing commercial units in the main Broadway shopping centre building.

Our design features a series of bespoke planters, ‘Bradmore Squares’ with bespoke planters that are located at the feet of the pillars of the building. Behind each planter sit large, mirrored fins set at slight angles. The mirrors enhance the plantings depth, reflect the Grade II Listed façade of Bradmore House and also reflect views of the trees, sky and church outside the space creating an illusion of extra depth.

The floor is treated with a baroque style pattern, to create a subtle demarcation for the business units to host their external seating.  This surface treatment is made of preformed bespoke markings made from thermoplastic. 

The ‘Bradmore Square’ planters take their design inspiration from the sweeping Baroque helical staircases that frame the site. The squares are offset, with each horizontal battens twisting, in a nod to the existing staircases in the square. Each planter is clad with Shou-Sugi-Ban wood treatment. The planters feature Ilex Crenata ‘Kinme’ Japanese Cloud Trees and topiary Pittosporum balls to provide evergreen year-round interest.

As a post note, this was the last project that Will Sandy - a founding director of the Edible Bus Stop - worked on with us. We wish him the very best as he trail blazes his awesome skills way.