Ft. Natural Symphony
Nomad - Shangri La - Glastonbury Festival 2023


Shangri La Glasto





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Design: Mak Gilchrist and Pascale Duval

Audio Visual Artist: Natural Symphony



Natural Symphony Performed Live!

Each night between 00:30 - 01:30

Beyond Beleaf, Nomad, Shangri La, Glastonbury Festival


Experience an ethereal journey with awe-inspiring sound and light performances controlled by plants. Audiovisual artist Natural Symphony loops and layers live data created by the biorhythms of plants combining their sounds with drum machines for a a one-hour live Techno & Liquid DnB set.

The Edible Bus Stop design studio presents a biophilic micro venue featuring audio-visual artist Natural Symphony to create an adaptogenic experience promoting a multi faceted sensory reset.

Imagining an industrial setting reclaimed by lush tropical planting, festival-goers are invited to discover their connection with nature through touch, sound, scent, and sight.

Inside the studio, visitors hear music composed with plants live bio-data utilising biosonification technology. By gently interacting with the plants attached to electrodes, participants hear an audio response of the plant to their touch as they merge with the plants' melody.

The adaptogenic elements in the studio subtly aid our body’s response to stress, anxiety, and fatigue. Implementing a variety of sensory stimuli, neurotransmitters such as dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin are activated to create an immersive experience that enhances cellular regeneration and mental well-being.

BIOPHILIA: Humans have an innate connection with nature. Being surrounded by plants reduces stress, boosts productivity, stimulates creativity, and enhances cognitive function.

BIO-SONIFICATION: Converting the plants' bio rhythms into music and sound, a soothing auditory experience is created to enable a deeper connection with nature through touch and sound. Listen as the plant responds to your touch as you create unique music together.

LOVE HERTZ: Deep healing good vibrations. The plants’ music that you hear features sound frequencies to aid cognitive restoration and cellular regeneration.

432hz - in tune with the Schumann Resonance - connects us with the earth's natural resonance.

528hz – reported to reduce the toxic effects of alcohol and encourage cell regeneration.

396hz - alleviates subconscious negative beliefs such as; guilt, fear, anxiety.

AROMATHERAPY: A calming olfactory experience is created by diffusing Palo Santo essential oil to clear negative energy and aid in grounding participants in the experience.