The Edible Bus Stop (EBS) was integral in winning the bid ‘Grow:Brixton’ for the Lambeth Council initiated competition for the Pope’s Road meanwhile space. The original brief invited applicants to animate an empty space, formerly an Ice Rink, to create a vibrant hub to enable local start-ups. The focus being on those who would directly contribute and benefit the community, complementing not competing with, existing businesses. In order to achieve this, the relevant experience in liaising with the local community and understanding its needs was paramount, to create a space that would enhance the neighbourhood. These skills are a natural extension of the work of the EBS. 

“The Edible Bus Stop has contributed hugely to developing the scheme and deserves credit and thanks for that.” Lambeth Council’s Cabinet Member for Jobs and Growth

The EBS design base, contributed significantly in the collaboration of the submitted scheme, whilst creating the ethos for the project and fulfilling the public engagement. This including hosting multiple public events that animated the site, such as a record launch party, a film festival and a garden installation for the Brixton Design District, London Design Week 2014. Throughout their involvement, the EBS liaised directly with the community, local businesses and organisations, in laying down the framework for future partnerships.

The Grow: concept is viewed as a masterplan that can be applied to cities across the UK as a means to provide temporary business space, with growing and community at its core. The modular elements of the design, allow for a scheme that can be easily adapted to suit the needs of each site and the character the neighbourhood. This builds on the EBS philosophy of greening the grey, bridging the gap between community and commerce.

The Edible Bus Stop were actively involved with the project up until the onsite delivery. The current project that has been adopted has now taken a more corporate direction, moving away from the social aspirations that were intrinsic to winning the Grow:Brixton bid.

The EBS are currently exploring new sites to realise the Grow: concept. If you are a local council or landowner with a space suited for a meanwhile development, please feel free to contact us.


London Design Week – Brixton Design District
‘Christian’s Garden’

13 - 21 SEPTEMBER 2014

To celebrate the inaugural Brixton Design Trail as part of London Design Festival, we showcased a reconfiguration of our RHS Gold Medal winning ‘Modular’ garden at the Popes Road site. On this occasion, we set up three triangular benches each planted with multi-stem olive trees. A further eight planters featured an eclectic mix of Mediterranean planting, including a range of herbs, perennials and red roses. The garden was planted with the help of volunteers, as part of our community engagement program. We dedicated it in honour of a friend who had recently passed away. He would have loved the juxtaposition of the luscious planting next to a bleak landscape in the heart of a bustling neighbourhood.

On September 18th 2014, the garden became the colourful backdrop for the ‘Brixton Pound New Independents Party‘ to celebrate the local currencies 5-year anniversary and display it’s internationally acclaimed bank notes artwork. The evening provided the perfect setting to showcase the work of numerous Brixton based artists including Giles WalkerFrances Plowden and Jonathan Huxley. Over 400 guests came along to join in the celebrations which lasted well into the wee hours