Love Your Plot at GLEE, Birmingham NEC
Instant ‘Container’ Gardens

13TH - 15TH SEPTEMBER 2014







The first component of the project opened at GLEE in the NEC Birmingham. The design exhibits the original prototype of our Modular TestBed Concept. The concept, based upon modular shipping containers, proposes a bespoke steel frame base in which to transport fully built gardened and green installations around the country. Directly placed into our urban environments, they provide instant green space without the hassle of conventional public realm works. It is our ambition to see this concept realised across the country, transforming our public realm quickly and easily with new green spaces and parklets.

The first installation, part of the Horticultural Trade Associations’ (HTA) ‘Love the Plot You’ve Got’ campaign was made up of 2 ‘container’ gardens of 16’’ x 8’’. The first Before Space illustrates the current state of many back gardens across the UK, as informed by Garden Industry Marketing Board research. The second,  After Space offers an affordable, aspirational space. A contemporary design-led vision, taking into account the way we live our lives – ‘Staycations’, the ‘al fresco’ entertainment area of the home.

Love Your Plot Roadshow

20TH - 22ND MARCH 2015

The second phase of the project began at The Edible Garden Show in London with the addition of two new modular gardens. After the show the four ‘container’ gardens embarked on a nationwide tour. To date they have travelled the length and breadth of the country, with over thirteen stops. These included Cardiff, Birmingham, Glasgow, Edinburgh before returning to GLEE one year on from the inception of the first phase of the project.