Presented by MILK x The Edible Bus Stop

Shangri-La, Glastonbury Festival, 26-30 June 2024


Shangri-La Glasto





Terra/or - a crucible of radical potentiality, a sanctuary for connection set within Nomad, Shangri-La, Glastonbury Festival.

Terra/or shifts our focus from fear to hope, towards the reciprocal, grounding, and restorative qualities of the earth, our soil, to cultivate sanguine futures.

The geodesic dome serves as a space for inspired recalibration. Take shelter to nurture, root, and grow together. Explore and cultivate possibilities while surrounded by plants that foster presence and connection—crucial for effecting change and enhancing our awareness of our custodial and reciprocal relationship with the land.

The dome's centrepiece features a small circle of stones dipped in pewter to aid in anchoring the space. Handmade bioplastic panels adorn sections of the dome's walls to provide shading and naturally occurring textures. Seating made from reclaimed materials invites you to rest and let biophilia work its subliminal magic while sheltering under the trailing ivy, which sparkles playfully in mirrored balls.

Ivy was chosen for its remarkable adaptability. A marvel of nature, renowned for its tenacity and ability to thrive in almost any environment. Able to withstand many extremes of weather conditions, from scorching sun to deep shade, it symbolises perseverance, resilience, and survival.

Nurture connections as the air is gently infused with the delicate scent of evergreen jasmines framing the entrance. Their soft yet intoxicating fragrance evokes a sense of calm and tranquillity, enhancing the grounding nature of the space. Witness the projections play with shadows and light, featuring films of fading boundaries, plant life, and poetry.

We are a trio of artists, sculptors, urban green space designers with a collective passion surrounding the environmental climate crisis we face. For Glastonbury Festival 2019, we created a planted sculptural installation for the legendary Shangri-La field. The sculpture is constructed from recycled car parts, exhaust pipes, industrial machinery and sculpted tyres. These all represent polluting elements and industries that have led to deforestation and ultimately the climate emergency we now face. Our sculpture, hung from a telegraph pole, featured prominently in the field. The result was akin to a huge rebellious hanging basket. The Living Lungs, although having an industrial feel to them, are conversely soft and organic. The bronchioles divide and grow to create shelving for a selection of plants. The plants symbolise mother nature reclaiming, correcting and enveloping the catastrophic mess mankind’s insatiable appetite has caused. This provocative piece enforces the message that it is urgent we face the need to protect our planets forests and flora as we face the sixth mass extinction. 

This is a message of life and death, not just beautification.


4 m width x 1.5 m depth x 4.5 high


Mild Steel / Steel Exhausts / Synthetic Rubber Tyres / Recycled Plastic / Timber / Soil / Plants 


Edible Bus Stop Studio: Mak Gilchrist, Owen Prachar.

MILK Structures: Molly Crisp, Sophia Dowson-Collins, Michael Rice, Felix Levingston.


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