Pharmacy of House Plants

RHS Chelsea Flower Show 21st – 26th September 2021

Royal Hospital Chelsea, London, SW3


Patch Plants & The RHS






The ‘Pharmacy of House Plants’ was born via our teams’ discussions surrounding the benefits of house plants and how green spaces, interior and exterior, are vital to our health and well-being. We are delighted the RHS Chelsea Flower Show judges awarded our showcase installation a SILVER-GILT Medal and remain very thankful for the opportunity to design and deliver an impactful, on-brand installation for our clients, Patch Plants.

Our experiential showcase imagined a contemporary interpretation of a traditional pharmacy to explore the biophilic benefits of house plants. A curious building set in a sheltered tree-lined street was occupied by a most unusual ‘pharmacy’. Rather than displaying tonics or pills to offer relief to your ailments, this store showcased a cornucopia of stunning plants. These plants symbolise the psychological balm to what ails you. They dispensed biophilia; visually and subconsciously, gently imparting mental health support, applying physical benefits, and improving mood.

Our exterior moss cross store sign invites people to explore this fantasy pharmacy. Partially shaded by the roof overhang, the front window displays a selection of plants indicating the lush surprises to be discovered inside. All walks or wheels of life are welcome regardless of age, gender alignment or ethnicity. Biophilia is fully inclusive, knows no boundaries and can apply its benefits to everyone.

On the shelving units, the store displays a variety of house plants with extraordinary foliage texture and form, many featuring white in their leaves. The element of white aims to create contrast and depth within the store and alludes to the white coats worn by pharmacists. This theme is further reinforced visually by the selection of white pots. 

Our glass display counter featured ferns and other moisture-loving plants. The shelving on the wall above exhibits pharmacy style jars with labels indicating ingredients that benefit plant growth. Bringing the element of water into the design we exhibit stand-alone aquatic plants in clear glass vessels. We also showcase water rooted cuttings propagating in a variety of laboratory-type containers. In our south-west facing window, we present eye-catching succulents.

Our plant hero’s include; Monstera, Echeveria, Caladium, Goeppertia and Alocasia. 

The subtly lit, bespoke shelving’s framework featured warm coppery tones with shelves with a mirrored finish to provide glimpses revealing the underside of the leaves. The pale green walls and flooring of sustainably resourced cork further enhanced the biophilic feel of the space. Music that is inspired by plant life or utilises the bio-sonic sounds of plants (a process that turns the electrical impulses of the plants into rhythms and notes), was playing quietly in the background. 

The pharmacy’s exterior had shade-loving plants taking hold on the northeast facing sidewall. The storefront was left uncluttered, showcasing specimen plants in cylindrical corten steel planters on either side of the store. The signage above is softened by plants such as trailing Hedera. Biophilia envelopes this emporium inside and out.

Healthy house plants not only beautify and enhance interiors, but they also have many other positive attributes including:

  • Help to boost productivity and reduce sick days whilst at work or study
  • Stimulate creative thinking
  • Improve mental health, reduce stress and anxiety and provide a calming environment
  • Positively impact your mood with antidepressant microbes present in plants and soil
  • Alleviate feelings of loneliness and depression
  • Instil a sense of accomplishment and purpose when caring for them
  • Reduce background noise through sound absorption
  • Increase humidity and regulate the temperature in rooms
  • Speed up recovery from illness
  • Assist in air purification
  • Enhances the sense of Biophilia for interior landscapes


Creative Director and Co-Designer; Mak Gilchrist

Lead Designer; Pascale Duval

Producer; Maree Featherstonhaugh

Sponsorship, Materials and Production Support; Patch Plants

Photos by JP Masclet

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