Phase 1- Chelsea Fringe Festival
‘Sculpture Scape’ Garden

17TH MAY - 7TH JULY 2014





In Spring 2014, Vauxhall One BID commissioned us to animate a forlorn, closed car park to celebrate the emerging Vauxhall Gallery district and as part of their trail of art. It was a very bleak site, waste and litter had accumulated over a number of years. It was, therefore, a perfect canvas to create something magical. Our team worked long hours with dedicated local volunteers to transform the site from unnoticed to a neighbourhood gem.

The newly reclaimed space had two incarnations over the summer months (Phase 2). The first phase coincided with The Chelsea Fringe Festival – which we are proud to have played an active role in since it’s inception.

The design was a reconfiguration of our NGS 2012 ‘Modular’ garden. Three triangular benches that were planted with a 2m tall Italian trained apple, cherry and pear trees. At night solar powered lights, strung in the trees, gave the garden a continued presence after dark. For the first 6 weeks, the eleven triangular planters featured a mixture of evergreen herbs, Mount Everest White Alliums, and grasses, creating a variety of heights and texture to compliment sculptures by Katie Surridge, a Royal British Sculpture Society Bursary winner.

Phase 2 – London Fire Brigade Garden


Whilst building the garden, we were delighted by how many passers-by commented on how they loved the transformation. As a result, The London Fire Brigade, the owners of the site, and local ward councillors, started to receive requests from the general public asking for the garden to remain in place a while longer. In turn, its run was extended an extra 6 weeks. In phase 2, we utilised the existing textures of the tall grasses, adding a fresh mixture of plants such as Echinacea, Fennel and Dahlia. This palette, with its fiery tones, nodded to the Fire Brigades sponsorship. The bees continued to love it and trees bore delicious fruit. From an unused space to a gem in the community, the transformation was complete.